The Emmanuel Quartet is an acappella gospel group which began in 1989 as the "Highland Academy Men's Quartet."  In 1993 the quartet's name was changed and The Emmanuel Quartet was born.  

The quartet's concerts are 100% acappella, featuring barbershop-style harmonies and a smooth blend of voices. The members of the quartet are not only musicians by desire, but also ministers of the gospel through music.  The mission of the quartet is to reflect God's love through music, reminding His people that He is with us and that Jesus is returning soon.  Over the years, the faces have changed but the smooth harmonies and genuine spiritual message remain.

The quartet tours the United States presenting concerts to audiences of all ages and religious affiliations. They've also traveled internationally, participating in several evangelistic events.  The quartet's concerts are presented in a manner that would compliment any Christian program or event.

phillip white - tenor

I was born on June 18, 1973 and grew up hearing the theme songs to such TV shows as “Good Times,” “Happy Days,” and “Welcome Back, Kotter.” I was fascinated at a young age with those songs and with all types of music. Some of my earliest memories are of singing with my mother in church for special music.

Later on, I joined choirs and other groups in academy and enjoyed singing duets with my friend Ken Pichulo who is an excellent guitar player. I give Ken much of the credit for steering me in the right direction musically and helping me work through my stage fright. It was during those years that I realized God had given me a gift and I needed to share it in whatever way I could. At Southern Adventist University I sang for four years with the “Die Meistersinger” male chorus, and in 1994 I traveled with the group to the Middle East. We toured Israel, Jordan and Greece, singing at many churches and historic sites such as Petra, Athens and Jerusalem.

I graduated from the university in 1996 and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education. I taught Bible classes and computer literacy at Laurelbrook Academy for two years and have worked as an information technology manager for several years. I’m currently working as a substitute teacher for the Hamilton County Department of Education and the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. My lovely wife Charity and I live in a rural area near Chattanooga, TN with my step-daughter Lori, three dogs (Snoopy, Ruby and Taco), one noisy cockatiel named Percy and a host of wild critters, none of whom are allowed in the house.

Joining The Emmanuel Quartet in 1993 was a turning point for me. After touring for only a few months with the guys, I began to see the true impact that music can have on the soul. The greatest reward a musician can receive comes when someone is moved to tears at a concert or has a smile on their face after hearing a song they hadn’t heard in many years. The comments we receive from people after a concert make all the hours of practice worthwhile. As I look back over the years, I can see God’s hand preparing me for music ministry. I hope you are as blessed by The Emmanuel Quartet as I have been.

gary sewell - lead

I was born in Loma Linda, California in 1971.  My life seemed to revolve around music.  My brother and I sang in church choirs and boys choirs for many years.  My parents always made sure we were involved in some musical event, probably just to keep us out of trouble. 

I began playing the guitar in 7th grade but then quickly fell in love with the bass guitar.  My parents made many sacrifices to get me instruments to learn. Music has been a love I have been able to pass along on to my kids.

I currently work at Southern Adventist University in the Information Systems Department. In my spare time I enjoy automotive repairs with my son Hunter, construction projects and singing with my wife and kids.

I’ve been married to an incredible lady, Karlin, for over 20 years and we have 5 children:  Zachary, Hunter, Mason, Madison and Charlie.  We currently live in Ooltewah, TN.

I have been with The Emmanuel Quartet over 3 years.  It’s amazing how God can use ordinary people in such a mighty way.  I pray you are blessed by this ministry!

tim reutebuch - baritone

I was born in Anderson, Indiana on January 30th 1973. My family was a musical one and, while growing up, I loved to sing with my sister and my brother. I still love to sing with them whenever I can. Growing up, I sang in choirs and always tried out for the solos. When I was about 15 my family moved to Portland, Tennessee where I attended Highland Academy. While there, I met Joey Davis. We discovered that we both had a love for quartet music and decided we'd make our own quartet there at the school. We became good friends and learned much about creating harmony and blend while singing together during the earliest years of our quartet experience.

After high school, I got married to a wonderful woman, Rebekah Reutebuch, and we moved to the Ooltewah, TN area. We've been married now for 15 years. Our family consists of my oldest daughter, Nikki, my son, Zachary and my youngest daughter, Kayla. They all share a love for music and even though they've heard us a million times, they never get tired of hearing the quartet.

When I'm not singing, I am either working at McKee Foods Co. where I have been employed for 16 years, or I am working with the Boy Scouts of America, an organization to which my son and I have belonged since he was old enough to join as a Tiger Cub.

My greatest desire as a member of the Emmanuel Quartet is to present God's love through the power of music. Often times, music can touch our hearts in ways mere words may not. I have been greatly blessed to have often seen God's hand moving upon the heart of a person who may be struggling with something and a single chord, or lyric has made a difference to them. God is so good. It is an honor to be used in such a ministry.

ryan pierce - bass

I was born in central Illinois in 1970, and have been around music my whole life. My father is a piano tuner, and I remember feeling like I was always surrounded by pianos as I grew up. I started taking piano lessons at a

very young age, and although my current instrument of choice is the guitar, my early piano training instilled a lifelong love of music that continues today.

I began singing and playing music in my home church in Danville, IL as a child, and continued my musical journey as a member of pretty much every music group available throughout high school.

I currently work for Southern Adventist University as a graphic designer. In my spare time I like to fly fish, play the guitar, go camping with my kids, and stay involved with music at my local church.

My experience with the quartet has added a rich dimension to my life over the years, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to serve God in this wonderful way. I am humbled and amazed that God can continually find ways to use me to share the gospel, and I'm blessed to have the chance to sing for Him with this group.

I've been married to my wonderful wife JoElle for 24 years, and we have 3 children: Jordan, Tyler, and Madison. We currently live in Ooltewah, TN.