Happy Holidays and Quartet Update

Merry Christmas from The Emmanuel Quartet! Emmanuel is a name of hope and encouragement. At this time of year, the Quartet is especially honored to call attention to that name and to the One to whom the name was given.
It's been an honor to meet many of you during our concerts this year. We are scheduled for concerts all over the country in 2020 and we hope to see you there. 

In 2019, The Emmanuel Quartet became a non-profit corporation. Over the past 30 years, the quartet members have donated their time and talents to the ministry. We want to minister to small and medium-size churches so we keep our concert fees low and the gifts we receive go back into the ministry to fund our travel and the production of our CDs. Never before have we had the ability to offer tax deductible receipts to those who have given gifts to our ministry.

This year that's all changed. If you would like to support The Emmanuel Quartet, your gift is tax deductible. Please visit and click the donate bottom at the bottom of the page to make a gift. You can also order CDs on that page and other Quartet gear. 
Thank you for your support of our music and ministry. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
Tim Reutebuch, baritone

A Tactical Error

In perhaps not one of my finer moments of booking concerts for the quartet, I arranged for a worship service concert at the Statesboro, GA SDA Church and an evening concert at the Chattanooga First SDA Church. The problem is that they’re 5½ hours apart!

A Texas-Sized Miracle and Buc-ee the Beaver

This year has been full of firsts for the quartet and August was yet another first. The Lord had led us to the great state of Texas and we were excited since it would be the first time the quartet had ever traveled to Texas for a tour. Once, many years ago, we were coming back home from Shreveport, Louisiana and popped over the line at a Texas welcome center, sang a song for the staff there and took a group photo at the “Welcome to Texas” sign. Ever since then we’ve wanted to go back for a full tour.

Are We On the Same Page?

It’s been over 10 years since we’ve been to the Memphis area so all year I had been trying to book a couple of churches but there were always scheduling conflicts. Even after we got everything worked out, there was a miscommunication between me and Tim which meant I scheduled the tour on the same weekend he was to be at a major Boy Scout event! But we went ahead with the weekend since it seemed the Lord wanted us to go even though the devil was throwing so many obstacles in the way.

Friday night Ryan, Gary and I left without Tim since he wasn’t able to leave his event until later that night. We had a great trip out, but it’s always a little worrisome when we travel separately since we literally cannot perform our music if one quartet member is missing!

Where the Deer and the Prairie Dogs Play

We started out at Gary’s house loading up our rental van and it was strange to get back into a minivan after riding in Gary’s Suburban for the past year or so. But since we were driving all the way to Arkansas we decided to rent a van to save the wear on Gary’s truck. When we were all packed, we headed over to Four Corners for me to meet up with my wife Charity, who was getting off work and wanted to say goodbye before we left. Then, after picking up a case of water, we headed to Tim’s house to pick him up.

Since we weren’t taking Gary’s vehicle, he decided to commandeer the shotgun position which Ryan usually takes, which meant that it was Ryan’s turn to drive. He had no problem with that, and we arrived in Memphis at about 11:00 PM Central Time and found our hotel.

Seeking out a Higher Purpose

Gary and Ryan were in Spartanburg, South Carolina for a youth event for Southern so they arrived there on Thursday. Tim and I decided to take my Taurus, and left Collegedale on Friday around 5:00. We had a good drive on the way down and found the Duluth church while they were having their evening meeting, so we decided to find the hotel where we were staying. We found it about 15 minutes from the church and then about 9 PM we left to go back. Pastor Reid had left by the time we got there but we got to talk to Pastor Amaro and got a guided tour of the church and school by our new friend Antwone. We had a good chat while waiting for Ryan and Gary to arrive. We found out that Atlanta Adventist Academy was on the same grounds as the church, and the school’s ministry is a big part of the focus of the church. Ryan and Gary arrived not long after our tour of the school and by 10:40 or so we were all set up and finished with sound check. They followed me and Tim over to the hotel and we showed them their room.

Bowties Are Cool

We’d been asked to sing for the annual Michigan Academies Reunion of the Collegedale Tennessee Chapter. This is the Annual Tennessee Reunion of the Lake Union Academies for all area graduates, attendees, and former staff living in the Tennessee-Georgia area. Since the quartet had last been on tour, my wife Charity and I had gone to North Carolina to pick up her daughter Lori who had decided to come to Tennessee and live with us. And since this was a local concert, Charity and Lori decided they’d spend the day with us.

The Born-Again Bel Air of Woodstock, Georgia

After a successful trip to Richmond, Virginia with our friend Jaclynn Huse, she invited us to sing with her at two churches not far from the Collegedale area at the end of February. The Jasper SDA Church has an outreach called “The Potter’s House” where people in the local community are invited to come for a free meal and a concert. This time Jaclynn would be able to bring her daughter Shelby who is also a very talented vocalist and violinist.

Winter Weather and The Midnight Caller

We haven’t traveled to Virginia in several years, so we were excited to have the opportunity to go to Richmond for a four-concert weekend at three churches we’ve never visited. Our good friend Jaclynn Huse recently embarked on a solo music ministry journey and since her parents recently moved to Richmond, she suggested that we all travel there and sing together. I worked with Jaclynn’s sister Judy to put together two concerts at local SDA churches and two Sunday morning concerts at a Richmond Methodist church. It would be a long drive, but we were looking forward to singing in a new area.

Brotherly Love and Mistaken Identity

Since Gary joined us in May I had been working on booking tours for the end of 2012. After a couple of successful tours and several local special music numbers, Gary was doing great job and each time we got up front we all seemed more comfortable together.

The Cookie Wife

For our October tour I contacted Pastor Paul Carlson from the Ladd Springs Church near Cleveland. He also pastors the Village Chapel Church, so as we talked, we went ahead and scheduled the quartet to come to Village Chapel in January.

Blame It On The New Guy

Over the years we’ve all seen God’s leading in the quartet’s existence. There have been many miracles and providential circumstances that just can’t be explained away and we know without a doubt that God is leading us and is in control. When we needed a new lead singer, and had no idea where to look, God showed us once again that He has a plan for The Emmanuel Quartet.

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